Picture background apps

Svetlana November 11 2021

As much as picture editing apps are getting popular today, there is another genre of similar apps spreading its wings. Yes, we are talking about the picture background apps.  Over the years, we have witnessed some really amazing picture background applications that are compatible with both android and iOS devices offering exceptional results.

Why do you need to change the background of your photo?

The answer to this question is pretty simple! To give your picture a new look or just to improve it.

With the help of these apps, you can apply some different effects on your pictures by making them over the background and making it appear as if something else was there before changing it to something else!

These are two ways in which you may need them:

  • For altering backgrounds of already taken photos
  • For creating images from scratch with different backgrounds

You will be amazed at how easy these applications are. Just follow our guide below for getting started with them.

How to use picture background apps?

Install one of these amazing apps that you think will work best for you depending upon what kind of alteration you wish to make.  

Open the application and tap on the camera icon in order to take a photo or select an existing picture from the gallery.  Once you select an image, these apps will allow you to edit it according to your requirement by giving you multiple options for altering the background of the photo. 

After making all required changes, save your edits and share your photos via messaging, email, or social media.

Here's a list of the 5 best picture background apps and what exactly they do.

Auto Background Changers

The auto background changer is compatible with both Android and iOS-based mobile devices. As you can already guess from the app's name, the auto background changer automatically detects and changes the background. All you need to do is upload the picture on the working interface and select the background of your choice.

As a prominent picture background app, you will find some built-in background themes as well. Plus, the app is very easy to use and gives maximum control to the user. The app doesn't have any paid version, and this makes ads inevitable.


You can get an idea about the popularity and functionality of LightX because there was a time when Apple was about to acquire it. Even today, iOS users can buy the complete LightX package for $3.99. However, Android users can use a free version as well that's not as effective as the complete Light X suite.

The LightX picture background app doesn't restrict the user from changing the background alone. You can also blend the background and the image with amazing picture balancing tools.


We all face days when we aren't that much photogenic. For days like these, background apps are the best for last-minute edits. Plus, with the help of the Facetune app, you can direct all your editing skills directly to your picture face and its background.

The app's name already indicates that Facetune is an app that focuses on the face region in particular. With the help of powerful AI tools, you can even change the overall shape dynamics of your face within a picture. Of course, options like skin toning and clearing are also included within the app.


Among picture background apps for android devices, Superimpose is, on the whole, another level. No other app can offer this much level of depth and picture balancing options. Amazingly, the app's premium version costs only $1.99, which is quite affordable compared to other popular apps.

The application allows the users to cut and separate the targeted region within a picture on their own. The app also offers AI tools that can intelligently cut the required portion and blend it with the new background up to perfection.

Simple Background Changer

Last but not least, we have got the ultimate picture background app. The simple background changer app is compatible with both Android devices as well as the ones with iOS.

Focusing solely on the background-changing aspect of a picture, the simple background changer app allows you to change or even replace the background with a picture of your choice. You can also choose built-in background themes instead of pictures.

How much does it cost?

The price of picture background apps varies depending on the type/maker and also the features offered by them. However, these days many premium picture background apps are available for less than $5 (most even offer free trials before you make any purchase).

All in all, if you find an app that is compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices, you will be able to enjoy premium-level picture background apps without having to spend much money!

Can you change the background without apps?

Yup, you can do it without any third-party app. If you want to change the background of a picture, all you need is:

  1. An image editing application like Adobe Photoshop or other advanced photo editors (usually comes with your phone and/or laptop). These days even simple image editors like FotoRus offer this functionality.  
  2. A digital image(s)

Step-by-step instructions on how to go about this process:

Open the image in your photo editor. You can also open another picture of the same person or background element for comparison purposes.

Just like when you are editing any other element within a photograph, use the freehand selection tool(s) to select an area that you want to change the background of. Do not place too many anchor points or else it will be hard to work with later on!

It's ideal if you only use 3 anchor points maximum (one at each corner and one in the middle). Once you're done with this, just copy-paste your selected region into a new layer.

Can you just overlay many photos?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is:

  1. Place one image over the other and make sure that they line up perfectly (you'll get a nasty white line running through your photo otherwise). This works best if you use images of the same face or background element for comparison purposes. 
  2. Adjust brightness/contrast values accordingly to lessen the visibility of this hideous white line that usually appears when you put more than one picture on top of each other without adjusting these properties first! Once done with this, apply some pixelation effects to cover up any remaining white lines.
  3. And now it's time for the final touches! You can now change the saturation levels as well as color values according to your preferences using the aforementioned freehand selection tool. Once done, you can now save your final product!

Ideas on what background should be on selfies:

  • Your arms
  • The whole picture background apps of your favorite books or magazines. Interesting idea, no?
  • The scenery of where you are currently located (on vacation)
  • Your partner's face

And many others! Be creative and always think outside the box. So what did all this mean for you? It means that with just a little bit of effort, you can change the look/feel of all your photos!

Ideas on what background should be on a couple photo:

  • Your arms (same for all couples)
  • A shot of your partner's face or body
  • The back of your partner's head
  • The couple shot with another friend or family member

How to choose a good location for your photos?

In order not to edit photos, you can just choose a good location for your photos. The best way to choose your background for a picture is to use Google Maps and the street view function it offers. Just search for any location you like and use the street view on that particular spot. You will find everything you need around that place including all necessary backgrounds!

If you're planning on putting up some candid shots of your friends/family, just use markers instead (the term "markers" here refers to colorful flags that flag shops usually offer). Put these on different parts of the street and then position yourself according to them when taking pictures.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world where this is possible every single time but if you plan things well enough beforehand, this should work out pretty nicely almost always!  

Tips on how to take a lovely shot:

Use camera apps that have HDR mode to take well-exposed photos in almost any situation.

Avoid shooting images in the middle of the day. It's much better if you shoot whenever there is a cloudy day or when it rains since these are ideal conditions for taking good candid shots!

Think outside the box, be creative and always try to make your friends/family members pose differently from what they are used to doing every time you see them!

If possible, use flowers or plants as part of your background when taking pictures indoors. This will make your shot look more aesthetically pleasing overall. Use this tip wisely though—flowers might not always be available depending on the season

Final word

Using these tricks and tips, you can alter your photos in a very simple way. The best thing is that you will require only a few minutes to complete the whole process which makes it much more convenient!

So what are you waiting for? Use this knowledge to make your pictures look even better!