How to Choose a Camera Bag

Svetlana November 11 2021

Every photographer wants a durable bag because it can safeguard the expensive and reliable camera gear. You must know how expensive cameras can be and the protection they need. So, it is wiser for photographers to choose a camera bag with carefulness. 

While there are many camera bags available in the market, selecting one can be difficult. So, we'll discuss what factors are significant to consider when looking for the best camera bags. 

Camera Bag Size

The size of the bag you want to select must depend on the number of equipment you would need to transport. 

That is because no matter how many cameras or equipment you own, you would only need some of the gear to take with you for a particular shoot. So, the size would depend on how much gear you want the bag to carry with safety. 

Larger camera bags are better for long trips or vacations where you want to take multiple cameras with lenses. Whereas, if you are looking for a bag to carry with work on a daily basis, the smaller size would do the trick.

Camera Bag Material

The material of the bag plays an important role in determining its durability and cost. For that reason, you need to know what type of material is used in making the bag before buying it. 

Don't forget to check whether it can protect your gear from impact and humidity. So, look at the quality of materials carefully before buying one. Otherwise, look for something made up of quality fabric.  

Camera Bag Type

Again, you select the type of the bag depending on its purpose of use and where you'll be taking it. For example, if you'd be traveling far, you'd need a backpack to let your hands be free and lift more luggage. 

If you'd be shooting an event, you might like a bag with rollers to carry extra gear and enjoy easy portability. You have to consider these things while choosing a camera bag.

Camera Bag Usability

Usability is very significant when it comes to buying the best camera bags. You might want to consider the aesthetics and style, but none of it would matter when it comes to ease of use. 

If you can't put in stuff or take it out conveniently, then what's even the point? So, at first hand, usability takes priority. That being said, there are some bags that have been specifically designed to suit your needs. 

For example, if you want a bag that can carry a tripod or one that can be carried on the back, then look for a highly reliable and durable camera bag that suits your specific requirements.  

Camera Bag Compatibility

The issue of compatibility is also significant because it affects what equipment you would need to carry with the bag. If you'd be carrying lenses along with other gear too often, make sure you select a bag that has enough space for all of them. On the contrary, if it's only your camera gear, go for something lightweight and sturdy. That way it will save from weather damage as well as impacts from falling down on the ground.  

Camera Bag Stylish Design

Now, once you assure that the bag is worth buying from a usability point of view, you can move on to the style. Of course, artistic photographers like to make a style statement. It even shows from almost every accessory they wear or carry around. So, style-wise, if you care enough, you can invest a bit more than your usual budget and get a super-fashionable bag.

Camera Bag and its Durability

Durability is a given. Invest in a reputable brand that has good customer feedback. You wouldn't want to compromise on the quality to save a few bucks. So, spend wisely.

Camera Bag Warranty

Reputable brands often offer warranties. You can take advantage of the warranty deal by buying from a good manufacturer. Also, it would allow you to use the bag for longer years. 

The Price of Your Camera Bag

Above all else, your budget should matter greatly. If you don't have a large budget to buy a professional camera bag, choose between the different types and brands available on the market at reasonable prices. You can try out various bags by buying affordable ones before you think about investing in the expensive ones. This will help you to find the right kind of bag that would fit your requirements and style. Alternatively, you can purchase a used bag too which can be reliable as well as affordable.

DSLR Camera Bag quality 

To be on the safer side while buying your next DSLR Camera Bag check out whether it offers the following:

a. A weather-resistant fabric on the outside to protect your bag from sudden showers and raindrops.

b. Enough padding on the inside of the bag to keep things safe from bumps and bruises. It helps if you can opt for a removable pad as well so that it's easy for you to clean it whenever needed.

c. Zippers are made of high-quality material so they don't break off easily even if heavy loads are put in the bag often times over time.

d. Internal compartments, pockets, and dividers for excess gear storage so you won't have to rummage through your entire bag looking for something small every hour or so while shooting outdoors. This also prevents all your stuff from getting mangled and mixed up often.

e. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps that are comfortable enough for hours of carrying your bag around. This will give you the ease of weight distribution across both shoulders so that it's easier on the back too.

f.  A belt loop on the backside to let you carry your bag while moving about without having to keep it in hand all the time or hang it over your shoulders every single time if you don't have a tripod or monopod with you at all times.

g. Lug handles at the side for easy lifting off the ground when required instead of just relying on slinging one strap over your shoulder so you can get out of there fast if needed while traveling on foot or even while riding a bike.

h.  An adjustable and removable belt strap for carrying the bag while you're on the move running or while riding a bike or scooter or while traveling by foot. It helps if it's included in the package rather than having to buy it separately later on. This way, you can get the one packaged deal right off the bat and save money in the long run even if it costs more initially.

i. Outer pockets that can be used to store extra things like water bottles, umbrellas, batteries, memory cards, etc., so that they are easily accessible when required without having to dig deep into your camera bag every time you need them.

j. Extra loops at the side of the bag near zippers for attaching additional accessories so you don't have to buy them separately later on.

k. Padded, adjustable shoulder straps that are comfortable enough for hours of carrying your bag around. This will give you the ease of weight distribution across both shoulders so that it's easier on the back too.


- What is the best camera bag to buy? 

When you search for the best camera bags, you'd need to focus on your requirements and preferences. Still, we recommend you the Everyday Backpack by Peak Design. This bag is an all-rounder and offers ample storage to keep your gear with safety. 

- What are the most popular camera bag materials? 

The nylon canvas, cotton canvas, and leather material are popular camera bag-making fabrics. Also, weather-resistant bags are very much in-demand. They'll be beneficial for you in various weather conditions.

- How do you clean a camera bag?

To clean a camera bag, you can use a gentle and mild soap and water. After that, leave the bag in the shade to dry. If necessary, use an air blower to dry it faster. Also, avoid using any chemicals that might damage the fabric of your bag.

- What is the best waterproof camera bag material?

When opting for a waterproof material, opt for nylon or polyester canvas. They'll allow the bag some stretch too while protecting your gear from rain and sudden showers.

Final Thoughts 

We're hoping that you now have a good idea about what you should look for while reviewing the best camera bags on the market. Selecting something out of an overwhelming number of options could be daunting. But, when you have a clear picture of what you want in mind, you can get the correct item with ease.

If you enjoyed the tips and guidelines we've discussed, do share this article with your friends on social media. If you follow the information given above carefully for buying your next camera bag, it won't let you down. So, check out this guide before making your purchase!