Best travel tripod

Svetlana November 11 2021

When we travel, we always want to make this trip unforgettable. We all want to have memories, and a camera fits this purpose the best. And if you travel somewhere with a camera, a tripod is the most must-have thing you need to take. And now we’ll explain to you why.

Why should you buy it?

Only with the travel tripod you can take a picture of star trails or capture the flowing water. With the tripod, you can record a slow-motion video or take a photograph of panoramic views.

The tripod should become your most necessary accessory if you like to take selfies since it helps take the best-ever picture.

Holding your camera in hand, you cannot make clear and sharp pictures as the tripod allows.

Other advantages of a camera tripod:

  • It is more stable.
  • Your camera has better protection.
  • It is easier to fine-tune the focus.

And for this, you might need a tripod with two legs or one leg plus a handle. You can find different photo tripods for sale no matter if you are on land or at sea. A new type of tripod may not be as cheap as it seems because there are many types on the market that have different functions and prices depend on these functions.

There are ones made of carbon fiber that are very expensive but they are stronger, lighter, and sturdier while aluminum ones are cheaper but weigh much more than the previously mentioned. However, there is no doubt that both materials make great tripods so choose what suits you and your budget.

Types of tripods

Monopods: Monopods do not have one or more legs that can usually be a little easier than their counterparts to transport but at the same time they provide clear images of the strength and durability of carbon fiber monopods.

Cages: Cages for cameras are very popular among photographers, such as DSLRs because they protect them from falling down and breaking. This accessory provides extra storage space for things like memory cards or lens caps which can be attached with straps on the neck or hand of a. A new type called a cage could be attached to a tripod and your camera.

If you want to get a different type of tripods, you can browse the web for more information or go to a store where they sell these accessories. You should also consider how many times you will use it because if you are not going on long photo shoots, there is no need for a very expensive model.

There are another three types of travel tripods that you need to know – full tripod, center column, and inverted.

  1. A full tripod is a heavy one as it consists of several legs connected at the top with a head where you can attach your camera. In this case, you have to set up the whole structure from scratch if you want to rotate or move it somewhere. This type of pod is not very portable so it’s better for home-usage.
  2. A center column pod is a medium-lightweight alternative since it only has a central post which allows moving the camera vertically but cannot turn it horizontally.
  3. The last type is an inverted one that enables images shooting downwards and upwards by being attached to the ceiling or on the ground depending on the model you choose.

You can choose the perfect one for yourself from a wide range of photography accessories nowadays!

Tripods` prices

If you have a limited budget, you should consider a tripod that has a head included in the price because buying a separate head can be more costly.


When it comes to materials, there are three types of them – carbon fiber, aluminum, and plastic - tripods made from aluminum are much cheaper than those with carbon legs but they might disappoint you as well due to their low weight and durability. All in all, only your choice will show which one is better for taking pictures at home or outdoors!


There are also full-sized travel pods with 3 legs, 2 legs plus handle type tripod but from my experience, I would recommend monopods as they weigh less and provide great stability when using especially during irregular movements. Monopods save a lot of space so if you’re going for a hiking trip, you should consider them.


Another important factor to think about while choosing a tripod is its height. You should choose one that will be suitable for you while standing because if the legs are too long, your camera may not be stable while photographing objects in front of you but if they are too short, it can be hard for you to reach the shutter without taking out the camera from the device.

Tripods` heads

If there aren’t any other accessories included with your sidekick, you should carefully choose yours. There are many types on the market ranging from very cheap ones to models with high-quality standards and price tags. Heads can have different shapes like ball-type, pan-tilt, or even specific ones created only for certain cameras based on their weight and dimensions.

Considerations while buying a tripod

We hope that these arguments have indeed convinced you to buy a tripod. And here the question comes – how to buy it? What are the features we should pay attention to? Don’t worry; now we’ll tell you how to choose the best travel tripod and what you should pay attention to when buying it.

First of all, the tripod should be solid – it should be ready to bear anything you require from it. Secondly, it should be small enough that you can carry it in any bag. And thirdly, it should not be heavy so that you can easily take it anywhere.

There is one more thing about the weight – the tripod’s strength is better if it’s lightweight. The best weight is from 1 to 1.5 kg. As for the material, the tripod should be made from aluminum or carbon fiber. Why? Because they are stable and provide long work durability. Moreover, carbon fiber travel pods are great scratching and weather stable.

These are not all the things that you need to consider when choosing the best travel tripod.  The other important feature is the tripod’s height. The best height is when it is very close to your eyes’ level in the case when you maintain strength.

If you want to do photos or videos on macro shooting or take close-up pictures, the tripod should have the minimum height.

There is one more thing about the travel tripod you should pay attention to – its sturdiness. It must manage to carry the camera of any weight. As for the legs’ section number, it’s better when there are fewer.  They should be long enough, and the center column should not decrease their sturdiness.

Moreover, it’s better for the tripod to have three legs (but again – they shouldn’t be too many sections). And we also recommend you become familiar with quick-release plates of the camera you want to use on your new tripod. These things make assembling and dismantling much easier and faster.

When you choose the travel tripod, you should also consider its extra features. They should give your tripod uniqueness and make it stand out among the others. These features can include the tripod’s material or other technical elements.

And finally, when selecting the travel tripod, you should consider its price, of course. It should equally comply with the tripods’ quality.

How to carry your tripod while traveling?

You can carry it in a special backpack or a regular bag. There are other ways too:

  • You can attach your pod to your backpack;
  • If you have a strap for your tripod, you can tie it up like this and take it over your shoulder;
  • You can use belt loops (most of them don’t have them);
  • Get an extra bag for carrying pods.        
  • Tie up additional straps with light stand leg to protect tubing when not used on location.  

How to set a tripod?

Setting a tripod is not as hard as it seems. You can do it easily with your hands or make it more convenient with a special tool. A tripod is set up the same way as a tent.

Step 1: first, extend its legs until they are parallel to each other and you see the smallest marking on the section’s upper part. And now for step 2!

Step 2: then, put some things that increase the weight on one of its sides – bags, stones, etc.;  

Step 3: next, brace one side against something solid (your knee will be enough) and tighten all locks until you hear them snap into place;

Step 4: finally, do the same thing on another leg – repeat steps from 1 to 3, and you’ll set your tripod for any shooting you need.

How to dismantle a tripod?

Dismantling a tripod is easier than setting it up; that’s why many people decide not to do it themselves and leave this task to the professionals. It takes only several seconds – just unlock all locks and detach its parts with caution (the camera should be at least several meters away from the pod). And now your tripods are ready for traveling!


The market is full of brands that offer great tripod variants. But now, when knowing the things you need to consider, choosing the best tripod is easier now. So, select the travel tripod, take it on your next trip and take the photos that will keep the great moments of your life forever.