Fix blurry pictures

Svetlana November 11 2021

Do you know what the best part about technology is? With every passing day, the size of devices we generally use is getting more and more compact. After all, who doesn't like to get maximum features from a single compact device?

Now, let us talk about the photography domain in this context. There was a time when to fix blurry pictures, and you needed a black room and professional camera skills. 

Difference between blurry and noise

Blurry refers to the image which is not focused. This can be due to many reasons like shaking while taking photos, using a mobile phone camera in dark, etc.

Noise on other hand tends to refer more to the quality of the picture than focus on it. For example, if you are shooting in low light or indoors then there might be some visible noise in the picture which you don't see with the naked eye but this isn't what we call blurring.

The best part is that nowadays technology has advanced so much that no matter how blurry your pictures are, there is always a way out with minimum effort and maximum results.

Why are your photos blurry?

There are a lot of reasons that could cause your pictures to appear blurry. Several camera traps have their own limitations. Blurry pictures happen when the shutter speed is too slow or you need to focus on something very near.

Reasons for your photos being blurry

  • The Hand Holding Effect

As we take a camera, and if the shutter speed is too low and our handshakes.  This may also happen to long-range photographs since the subject is less clear than the background.

  • The Camera Movement Effect

When you hold your camera wrongly or keep it on a surface that moves, then your image will be blurred.

  • Motion Jpeg Compression

If you capture images in this mode, then compressed images can appear blurry because of compression errors.  

  • Lens not focused properly

Focus problems are common with high-magnification shots as well as distance shots. As a result of which, there occurs noise and blurriness in photo picture quality even if objects seem to be clearly visible to human eyes.

What can you do?

But today, all of this can be done through your mobile phone while sitting peacefully on your couch. Here are the 15 best apps that are going to help you fix blurry pictures in an instant.

  • Enhance Photo Quality - Enhance app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store and is a true champion of editing photos. You can even clear out specific sections of a photograph through the Enhance Photo Quality app.
  • Adobe Lightroom CC - Adobe Lightroom is an app that doesn't require any kind of introduction. The Adobe Lightroom CC app contains all the amazing features you require to fix blurry pictures.
  • Sharpen Image - Sharpen is designed specifically with all the features required to fix blurry pictures. The Sharpen Image app is super compact in size and easy to use.
  • Lumi - Lumi is not just a photo editing app, but it is a complete work suite. You can access all the professional photo editing tools through the Lumi app.
  • Fotogenic - Fotogenic is an app that is designed for both Android and iOS devices. Fotogenic hosts more than 20 different features you are going to need to fix blurry pictures.
  • Photo Editor Pro - There are two variants of the Photo Editor Pro. One that is free to use and the other one with a premium working tool package. Both variants are perfect for fixing blurry pictures.
  • VSCO - VSCO is a photo editing app that is specifically designed for iOS devices. VSCO is super compatible with the specific camera orientation of an iOS-based mobile.
  • PhotoSoft - PhotoSoft will not only help you to fix blurry pictures. The app will also enhance the overall soft punch in your pictures. PhotoSoft app is available on the Google Play Store.
  • Snapseed - According to Google Play Statistics, Snapseed is easily included in the platform's top 5 photo editing apps. From fixing blurry pictures to changing the orientation of an image completely, Snapseed is a total rockstar.
  • Afterlight - What's the one thing that generally makes a picture blurry? According to experts, the poor use of lighting. The Afterlight app focuses on this particular setting.
  •  Fotor - Fotor is an app that is designed to work with the pixels of any image like a pro. With the Fotor app in your hand, you can fix blurry pictures by working directly on the pixels.
  • Pixlr - Inspired by the Pixar studios' globally popular Pixlr app offers compact yet super effective picture editing tools. You can even fix multiple blurry pictures through Pixlr.
  • Instasize - Fan of Instagram? The Instasize is the perfect photo editing tool for you then. The app is built to help you fix blurry pictures and resize them according to the uploading dynamics of Instagram.
  • Whitagram - Whitagram is another amazing photo editing app that is going to fix blurry pictures as well as adapt them according to the dynamics of Instagram. With the Whitagram app, you can even change the contrast setting of an image.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express - Last but not least, we have Adobe Photoshop Express on the list of the top 15 photo editing apps. The suite contains all the tools you are going to need to fix blurry pictures and give them a more professional look.

Avoid blurry photos

When you are taking a photo in low light without flash, make sure to keep your hands steady. Avoid putting the phone on a surface when taking pictures in low light. Try to move away from the default position of automatic settings when working with camera apps.

As discussed above, always try out different image editing apps to get the final results that are more appealing to you.

Tips on how to take an accurate photo

Always ensure that you are not at a distance while taking pictures. Be closer to the subject if possible; your camera lens will capture more pixels and hence, give you better image quality. Always use flash when taking pictures in low light. Natural lighting is always better than artificial lights for clear and crisp images.

When choosing between the front and rear cameras, aim for the latest model of your smartphone with the best camera specifications. At least 8 megapixels on a rear lens is a must-have before clicking photographs of any sort.

Keep an eye out for how each picture looks on a screen of a good phone or laptop before you decide to click another one for comparison's sake down the line. This advice helps up save time editing them later on because it's so easy to spot when a snap needs some quick enhancing.

When it comes to image editing, Photoshop is undoubtedly one of the best in class tools for perfecting pictures that you have taken with your phone. You can use this program in conjunction with Adobe Elements or Lightroom in order to reach an extra level of professional picture-taking experience without having to purchase another piece of software.

To improve your skills further, just keep practicing on mobile photos, and eventually, you will be able to apply those same edits to digital cameras and DSLRs too! Just remember: practice makes perfect, and nothing worth doing comes easily. 

Trend on blurry photos

Nowadays blurry photos on social media have become a new trend. And if you try to upload a sharp and crisp image on social media, people consider it as old fashion and boring. People upload blurry pictures on social media with #blurry photos. It is not just a new trend but a kind of art for some people. Many people are even getting money from different organizations for this type of work.

Style of blurry photos

Blurry photos on social media also have a different concept. It is not only about a normal photo but a way to express yourself emotionally and creatively. Some people change the blurriness of an image according to the moods or feelings of that time.

They can even create some weird effects with this photo editing technique by making blurry images of faces seem more real, adding natural shadows on photos, etc...

It is not about a particular style of a blurry photo, everything is based on emotions and feelings. Different styles are invented by different people in different ways. Some people create an image with a sharp background and blurred foreground while some create this kind of effect by adding text on a blurry background or vice versa with different concepts in mind.

Blurry photos aesthetic

The blurry aesthetic is also appreciated by many art critics and is considered a growing style in the photography world due to its amazing artistic effect which is created by using blurriness technique. Blurriness can give you an opportunity to convey emotions creatively through your camera lens.

It doesn't matter if your original pic has been taken from a high-quality smartphone or DSLR, blurred aesthetics will add a new dimension to your photographic art.

Blurry photos are not just about editing skills but art created by emotions. If you are interested then try to experiment with different concepts of blurry photos on social media.

Bottom line

You can always fix your blurry photos with some of these apps. However, don`t forget that blurry pictures are the new trend. It's not just a way to edit your photo or take an artistic pic, but it is a way to express yourself.